Customer Lifetime Value For Credit Limit Optimization

Show simple item record Kostiv, Markiyan 2019-02-19T13:33:08Z 2019-02-19T13:33:08Z 2019
dc.identifier.citation Kostiv, Markiyan. Customer Lifetime Value For Credit Limit Optimization : Master Thesis : manuscript / Markiyan Kostiv ; Supervisor Oleksandr Romanko ; Ukrainian Catholic University, Department of Computer Sciences. – Lviv : [s.n.], 2019. – 23 p. : ill. uk
dc.language.iso en uk
dc.subject Customer Lifetime Value uk
dc.subject Credit Limit Optimization uk
dc.title Customer Lifetime Value For Credit Limit Optimization uk
dc.type Preprint uk
dc.status Публікується вперше uk
dc.description.abstracten Customer lifetime value is an important metric for banks to optimize a credit limit, improve retention and set competitive pricing. The specifics of credit cards market provide challenges with undetermined usage time and positive correlation between the risk and revenue. To address these challenges, we present a customer lifetime value framework in conjunction with riskadjusted- return for revolving products and credit limit increase and decrease strategy taking into account CLV metrics. uk

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